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The Independent Publisher’s Podcast!

Two best-selling and award-winning independent authors discuss the craft of writing and the business of independent publishing.


Chicago Unlocked

Two longtime Chicago residents explore the hidden secrets of the Chicago area, one season at a time. Season One, “Haunted City,” focuses on some of Chicago’s most well-known and obscure ghosts, and it’s rolling out now!

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Adult Harder

Two Very Big-Time and Important college professors give lessons on how to adult, covering everything from how to throw a swanky-ass cocktail party to how to grow your own vegetables like a real bad-ass. Strap in your ears and get ready to be adult AF.

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Wake Up, Anomaly Flats!

This special, exclusive podcast features a morning radio show that comes straight from the weird world of Anomaly Flats. For questions about accessing the podcast, contact Clayton at clayton@stateofclayton.com.