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the depths.jpg

The Depths

Sam and Rachel’s tumultuous relationship has come to a breaking point. Unfortunately, they are trapped with each other. Literally. In a cave. That’s when Sam decides to break the news to Rachel that he’s breaking off their engagement. Rachel demands to know why. Light is running out. Air is running out. Time is running out. Sam and Rachel are not running out. Because they are trapped. In a cave. Clayton Smith’s comedy explores the fragility of relationships, the complexity of communication, and spice racks.

1M, 1F
1 scene/setting

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Death and McCootie

Death and McCootie is a film noir-style, madcap farce that goes a little haywire when the Grim Reaper tries to collect the soul of Edgar P. McCootie, a hapless private investigator in 1940s Chicago. Chaos ensues when McCootie hits on Death’s weakness for a long-shot gamble and switches places with the Grim Reaper in a bet to save his soul.

8M, 4F

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