Clayton Smith - Digital Portfolio

This page contains a selection of digital creative works for review by the faculty and administration of the Intermedia Arts, Writing and Performance program at the University of Colorado - Boulder.

Novels and Short Story Collections

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Stage Plays

and their production histories

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Death and McCootie

  • New York International Fringe Festival - 2013

  • East Central College - 2016

The Depths

  • Missouri State One-Act Festival - 2017 (one-act version)

  • St. Louis Fringe Festival - 2018

Short Stories

Wake Up, Anomaly Flats!

Selected episodes of a scripted fictional podcast from the world of Anomaly Flats


Adult Harder and Indies are produced by Media Empire Media. Click the image to visit the Apple Podcasts page for that show.

The Post Apocalyptic Adventures of Patrick and Ben

A Comic Strip Based on Apocalypticon, by Clayton Smith

Originally published via Patreon. Illustrations by Steven Luna.

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April 2018 2.jpg
May 2018 1.jpg
June 2018 2.jpg
June 2018 1.jpg
May 2018 2.jpg

Television Series Pilot

Adulting: Pilot Script - written by Clayton Smith and Steven Luna. Submitted to (and ultimately rejected by) Amazon Studios.