A Closer Look at Na Akua

You've heard the name. You've seen the cover. But you're probably still wondering, "What the heck is this Na Akua book all about, anyway?" Well, wonder no more! It's time to say aloha to Grayson, Polunu, and the rest of the Na Akua gang!

The Title:

"Na Akua" (nah ah-KOO-uh) is Hawaiian for gods or the gods.

Fun fact: In Hawaiian, "na" makes a word plural, so "akua" means god, and "na akua" means gods. If you've heard of the Na Pali coast in Kauai, the word "pali" means cliff, so Na Pali means cliffs. Which, again, if you're familiar with Na Pali, is pretty dang accurate.

The Synopsis:

Here's the official blurb from the back of the book:

"Maui was supposed to be a romantic trip for two. But when Grayson Park’s bride leaves him at the altar, a solo trip to paradise seems like just the thing to take him far from his troubles. Then he meets the beautiful and enigmatic Hi’iaka, and his troubles just begin—because when she’s abducted by the sinister Kamapua’a, a savage creature bent on draining her life by the light of the full moon, she calls on Grayson to rescue her. With his loyal, new-found Hawaiian friend Polunu as his steadfast guide, Grayson sets out on an incredible adventure that pits him against the very gods of Hawaiian mythology and leads him to the heart of Pele’s volcano, into the ocean to find the mythical Hook of Maui, and through the strange and brutal upcountry fleeing from demonic mo’o sent to destroy him. But there are only two nights left before the moon becomes full, and Grayson is running out of time to save Hi’iaka...and himself."

The Series:

Oooooh, yes, my friends. Na Akua isn't just a book...it's the first book in a series that I think is going to be pretty extraordinary (though I admit, I'm a little biased). The next two books in the series are in the early stages of being plotted, but the working titles are Na Akua: Namaka's Revenge and Na Akua: The Search for Kane. GET READY!

The Early Feedback:

Members of my exclusive early-reader club, The 99, are starting to trickle in with reviews, and here's what they're saying so far:

"Easily your best yet! It's got everything Apocalypticon had, but so much more!"

"So Neil Gaimanesque! Right up there with American Gods and Anansi Boys!"

"Read the book today and could not put it down. I really enjoyed it tremendously. I thought it was wonderful!"

The Release:

Na Akua hits Amazon on Tuesday, Sept. 13! If you're not part of my newsletter list, let me know, and I'll send you a notification when Na Akua goes on sale! Just drop your email address in the box below!

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