I want to give you free books for life! (No, really.)

I'm looking for 99 people to join my new club.

And there aren't many slots left.

What is the 99?

The 99 is an ultra-exclusive readers group with only 99 open slots, given out on a first come, first served basis. Once the group is full, it's full for all eternity, or until someone decides to give up their spot. (But they probably won't.)

What do I get as a member of the 99?

A free digital copy of every single book I write and publish for the rest of my life, delivered to your inbox two weeks before it hits the shelves, starting with It Came From Anomaly Flats this week and Na Akua later this year, and ending with the last book I write before one of us dies.

Anything else?

You'll also get a few special surprises here and there. But those are secret, for now. And I'll send you a digital file of our sweet, sweet logo for you to use or misuse however you want. Also, there might be t-shirts in the future. I'm not ruling anything out.

Does it cost anything to join?

Nope. Membership is 100% free.

What's the catch?

As part of the 99, you'll be asked to leave an Amazon review of each book you receive on the day of its release. I'll give you the date, I'll give you the link; all you have to do is enjoy your free book, read it in two weeks, and post a quick and easy Amazon review. That's in exchange for a free, advance copy of every single book I write from here until the end of (my) time. (For more on why Amazon reviews are so important, click here.)

How do I join?

Just fill out the form below! And hurry! Only 99 people will be admitted into the 99, and my newsletter got first dibs, so there aren't many slots left.

Join the 99!

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