A Free Gift for You!

Sometimes you look at life and you say, "Man, life, there just aren't enough opportunities to get free stuff in this world."

And life is all, "I know, right?"

But today is not one of those days. Because today, I am giving you a rare opportunity to not only get something for free...but to get something good for free.

You might know that I recently published a novel called Anomaly Flats. What you may not know is that I'm now working on a series of short horror stories set in that same eerie Midwestern town, all of which will be released in a collection called It Came From Anomaly Flats sometime in 2017. Now, most poor saps have to wait a good year before they can get their eyes on any of those stories. But you? You don't wait for nobody.

Yes, I know that was a double negative. But it just has such gravitas when you word it like that, you know?

Anyway. You don't have to wait, because today is your lucky day! If you join the State of Clayton by Friday, April 30, you'll get a FREE copy of the very first chilling tale, "The Time Capsule"! 


About "The Time Capsule"

It's a momentous day in Anomaly Flats. Today is the day they open the time capsule they found in the field off Route 83. But no one knows what's buried inside, and the people of the Flats are about to learn that some doors are best left unopened.

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