Required Reading

Okay, I admit it: I'm out of touch with the classics.

In high school and undergrad, I read so much classic literature that when I graduated, I put myself on literary furlough. If there was a Dover Thrift Edition of it, I avoided it like the plague. And oh! What contemporary wonders I beheld! Cormac McCarthy! Jonathan Tropper! Catherynne M. Valente! Daniel Woodrell! The literary feasts mine eyes have seen!!!

But more than a decade later, I'm feeling that old pull back to the classics. There are just too many big gaps in my reading history. I've read a lot of the classics, but not all of them. Not by a long shot. Did you know that before this month, I hadn't read The Lord of the Flies? I still haven't read it, not all the way. I should be finishing up sometime this week. (And lordy, it's good, isn't it?)

So I'm making it my 2016 mission to fill in more of the gaps. That's where you come in.

What are your favorite classic books? Tell me which timeless literary wonders a person absolutely should not die before reading. If I haven't read them yet, I'll put them on the Required Reading list, and with this bowl of reheated spaghetti as my witness (I love you, lunch), I will read them all before 2016 is through.

Leave your list as a comment below!

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