A 15-Question Test for Readers (That I Desperately Hope You'll Pass)

It's hard out there for a reader. There are so many books to read, and there's so dang little time, you want to be sure you're spending your time and money on something you'll really enjoy. Don't you think?

Perhaps at one point in your life, you've thought, "Gee, if only there were a way for me to know right away if I'd like this new book or not."

Today, I have the answer.

As you may know, I'm currently in the midst of what is turning out to be a pretty exciting experiment in serial storytelling. Every month, I'm publishing a new episode in a long whimsical adventure series called The Strange and Marvelous Adventures of Puddle. It's sort of Lewis Carroll meets Roald Dahl in Neil Gaiman's house. When I publish one episode, I have no idea what's going to happen in the next one; the reader and I are both discovering the story as it goes along.

I'd love for you to start reading it (there are two episodes available as of right now), but I know you've got precious little time to waste on worthless gewgaws and pointless frippery. That's why I've devised a test to determine whether or not you'll like Puddle

It's very simple. All you have to do is read the following list. If at least 9 of the 15 items on this checklist appeal to you in any way, it's official: You're going to love Puddle. And guess what? Today (June 1) and tomorrow (June 2), the first episode is 100% free. 


Ready to take the test? Okay. Here we go. (No cheating.)

Which of the following items appeals to you? (Mentally select all that apply.)

  • Lots of explosions
  • A certain type of cannibal
  • A very thoughtful cow
  • Impeding insanity
  • Cities made of ash
  • Brooding strangers who may be part eagle
  • Large and mysterious doors that appear out of nowhere
  • Very old, mysterious manors with slanted floors and walls that fall away for no reason whatsoever
  • Sinkholes full of tentacle monsters
  • Lethal watermelons
  • Magical cupcake frosting
  • Secret laboratories
  • A talking leaf who is also royalty
  • A werewolf who is also a blacksmith
  • A leg that's really mostly tree

If you answered yes to at least 9 of those 15 items, then click the button below. You're going to love Puddle!

Clayton SmithComment