An Author's Note on Serials and Fragments

From the introduction to The Strange and Marvelous Adventures of Puddle, fragment One. 

Welcome to The Strange and Marvelous Adventures of Puddle, a brand new serial adventure that I daresay will be unlike anything you’ve ever read before! Before we get started, I want to discuss two Important Items of Note: serials and fragments.

A serial, as defined by our good friends at the Internet, is “anything published, broadcast, etc., in short installments at regular intervals, as a novel appearing in successive issues of a magazine” ( Puddle is just such a work, designed to be released in short installments at regular intervals…but because print periodicals are so very Dickensian, I’ve decided to publish the individual pieces online. I hope that sits well with you! 

Puddle is a project that I’m working on as I go. I’ll be publishing each section before beginning on the next, which means I have only a slightly better idea what will happen to Puddle on her adventures than you do! I think this is going to make for some terribly fun discovery for you and me both.

I plan to publish new installments monthly, which brings me to my second Important Item of Note: fragments. Each published installment will be referred to as a “fragment.” Some folks call them episodes, but I’d hate to have these stories confused with the television version of The Strange and Marvelous Adventures of Puddle that I’m sure HBO will want to pick up and run with any time now (still waiting on that call, HBO…), so I’ve decided to call them fragments instead. I like the notion of fragments for many reasons. One of them is that when you put all the fragments together, they form a whole picture, and that is precisely what these story pieces will do.

As Puddle moves along on her various adventures, we’ll start to see how the fragments fit together. Her exploits are designed to continue indefinitely, and I’m terribly excited to be embarking on this brand new journey with you! Who knows where young Puddle will end up? I have some ideas, but we’re going to find out together.

Thank you so much for reading this first fragment! If you enjoy it, please tell your friends, and consider leaving a review on Amazon. Those little stars mean the world to us indie writers.

But enough of my rambling! Let’s get on with the story, shall we?