Fellow Midwestern author John Bryant (you should click here and buy his book, DO IT) tricked me into participating in #8TerribleTitles, a fast-paced thrill ride of an adventure game for authors that's sweeping the nation! Here's how it works, as per Mr. Bryant:

  1. Open your manuscript and scroll to a random passage.
  2. The word or phrase where your cursor lands is your first terrible title.
  3. Repeat until you have eight terrible titles.

I've decided to use my upcoming all-ages fairy tale adventure series kick-off novel Mabel Gray and the Wizard Who Swallowed the Sun to pick out my terrible titles. BUT SPOILER ALERT: They're not terrible titles. They're outstanding titles. And they make me want to write eight new books just so I can put them to good use.

At any rate. Here they are!

  1. Right Into the Dark
  2. Somewhere Less Dangerous, I Hope
  3. Only the Three Statues
  4. Pretend to Be a Witchologist
  5. Three Irascible Fire Daemons
  6. Voice Trickery is Considered Low Magic
  7. Dying Alone in the Throat of a Dragon
  8. A Great Bit of Magic that Glows Blue Around the Edges

And now, I dare Steven Luna, Benjamin Wallace, and Alex Kimmell to give us their #8TerribleTitles. I dare you, you guys! 

Oh, and if you want more Mabelclick here for a sneak peek!


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