Here's a bit of interesting news: It has recently come to my attention that the Anomaly Flats Department of Tourism has started its own Twitter feed. Which is strange, since the abnormally intense magnetic fields in the Flats make computers useless. But then again, I guess it's the least strange thing I've come across since I started visiting that quaint Midwestern town. 

I've learned that it's best not to ask questions.

So far, the @AnomalyFlats Twitter account actually seems to be more community bulletins than tourism info. It's sort of...well, here, just see for yourself:

I'm not sure what all this is doing for tourism, and since no one who lives in Anomaly Flats has a computer, I'm pretty certain this information is not getting to the right people...but I have to admit, it is fun to experience the weirdness of this strange little town from a safe, Internet-buffered distance.

If you're on Twitter, why don't you click here and follow @AnomalyFlats? And then why don't you tell your friends and family members to do the same? And then why don't we force strangers on the street to do it too, and newborn babies, sure, why not, the more the merrier, let's get everyone to do it, because that's what the Department of Tourism wants, and if we don't play into their hands, the time drones will be very upset, and the mayor has given them the green light to use unnecessary force, and I cannot go back to Anomaly prison, please, shit, you guys, just follow @AnomalyFlats!!! It's not too late, we can sti

*Transmission Ended.*

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