Call for Submissions - Darkwing Duck FanFic Challenge

He is the terror that flaps in the night!

He is the soap scum that lines your bathtub!

He is Darkwing Duck!

And he is horribly underrepresented in pop culture.

Fan fiction seems to be experiencing something of a heyday, but there are plenty of properties that just don't get their due. One of them is Darkwing Duck.

And oh, goodness, does the world need more Darkwing Duck fan fiction.

I've decided to host an open call for Darkwing Duck fanfic submissions through the State of Clayton until November 15.

And yes, there will be prizes.

Here's the plan:

  • Submit an original piece of fan fiction focusing on the whimsical world of Darkwing Duck. It should be no longer than 5,000 words, but that's pretty much the only stipulation. You can submit your story by clicking right here.
  • I'll post any and all submissions* on the State of Clayton for the world to see. Good, bad, confusing, doesn't matter. On December 1, your story will get posted.
  • We'll all vote for our favorites. I'll vote, you'll vote, your friends will vote, people who wander in lost off the Internet street will vote. Voting will be open until December 15th. 
  • The writer of the fanfic with the most votes will get a $50 Amazon gift card. He or she will also get the dubious honor of choosing the topic of the next fanfic challenge. And that's a heck of a reward.

Will anyone actually do this? No, probably not. Does that mean your chances of winning are astronomically good? Yes, yes it does. Should you pick up your pen and finally put down on paper that Megavolt episode you've been mentally perfecting since 1993?

Yep. You should.

The time for Darkwing fanfic is now. So come on, gang.

Let's get dangerous.

*Let's keep this a nice and light R rating. Nothing horrendously gratuitous or graphic in terms of violence, please. And no erotica. Boy do I not want to read Darkwing Duck erotica.

Clayton SmithComment