"Bad Water" - A Very Short Story

"This water tastes terrible!" Jill said, flinging her glass across the restaurant. It smashed into the wall and exploded over the hostess station. "How difficult is it to serve good water?" she screamed, shaking her fist at her waitress. "You put a glass under a tap and pull a lever! My sister's baby could pour better water than this water! My sister's baby's stuffed ducky could pour better water than this water! I ask for a glass of water, and you bring me this filthy nonsense that tastes like sour liquid dirt?" She leapt up from the table, knocking her chair back into the table behind her. "I've been coming to this restaurant for eight years, and never in my life have I been served such horrible tasting water! You, little missy, have your head right in the toilet! Is that where you got this water? The toilet? This water tastes like spoiled toilet water, you don't even know which faucet to get drinking water from, you go and get it from the toilet faucet, who even has a toilet faucet, what even is a toilet faucet, why on earth do you have one? Did you go to the used toilet store? Did you go to the used toilet store down the street and turn on their faucet to fill my glass? Then maybe use that glass as a toilet before serving it up?" She slammed her palms down on the table again and again. "This water was disgusting! This water was horrible! This water was obscene! This water was the worst tasting water I've ever drank in my entire miserable life!"

"I'm sorry, ma'am," frowned the waitress. "But you didn't order water. You ordered olive juice."

Jill blinked once. She blinked twice. "I did?"

The waitress nodded. "You did, ma'am." A waitress across the room said, "You did, ma'am." The hostess nodded as she wrung out her sopping wet shirt. "You did, ma'am." The busboy shrugged as he swept up the broken glass. "You did, ma'am." The people at the table next to Jill's said, "You did, ma'am."

That's when Jill realized she was having a stroke.