10 Very Short Stories for Halloween

I don't know if you guys know this, but today is Halloween. Surprise!

In the spirit of the holiday, here are 10 extremely short stories that are just right for the day:

Jerry sighed in defeat. It was official, then; his company's new video game was summoning a demon each time a kid beat a level.

 Donald had to admit, he was surprised. He hadn't expected a contract with the devil to include a rider for a 12-pack of Coke Zero.

 He puts his ear to the cellar door. She's been down there for a week, and dead for almost two. How can she still be crying?

 Thin and blue, worn at the edges, this is his daughter's favorite blanket. He tucks it under her arm. The funeral director closes the lid

 "I raked a pile of leaves for the kids," Marv beamed. June sighed. "Those aren't leaves, they're squirrels. Where'd you put your pills?"

 "I'm bleeding out!" she screamed. "I need a tourniquet!" And one way or the other, the mummy knew, this relationship was basically over.

 There's a creature under my bed. It quiets down every time I throw it some chocolate. But I'm down to my last M&M, and it's still hungry.

 "I used to use rat bones for this spell," the old woman said, shaking the cup, "but then a KFC moved in across the bayou."

 Daddy was out of town on business, but wasn't that his voice calling her down to the cellar? Polly opened the door and went down.

 Jingles frowned down at the bloody knife in his hand. Santa was NOT going to like this.