Welcome to Anomaly Flats!


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We're a podcast now.

It's called Wake Up, Anomaly Flats, and it's Missouri's most mandatory morning show; anyone caught not listening will be strung up between power lines and pelted with feed corn! 

Join your hosts Squid and Mark as they fill you in on all the news, traffic, weather, and sports from Anomaly Flats...and if you're lucky, you'll get to hear the future report from the oracle down at the roller rink, or maybe the latest evil crop news from Farmer Buchheit!

And of course, no episode is complete without a visit to Dr. Lewis Burnish in the Science Corner. He's exploring all the weird and wild phenomena around the Flats, including all the spontaneously combusting trees and the giant stones that arranged themselves into a temple way back in the Lurchwood Forest.

*Wake Up, Anomaly Flats is sponsored by Mrs. Roach and the Roach Motel.


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Watch this welcome video from the Department of Tourism before your eyes turn into cockroaches:

While you're here, check out the official Anomaly Flats Department of Tourism travel posters!


Welcome to Anomaly Flats, a mysterious Midwestern town that's tucked in somewhere between our world and some other. Or others. Others, probably. Yes, almost certainly many other worlds.

Here, you'll find a creek the flows with glowing green plasma; thunderstorms that rain bits of metal; a bed and breakfast with tentacles in the plumbing; an all-night diner where you have to drink the coffee before the coffee drinks you; a night sky that's an all-consuming void; fields of corn that hum you to eternal sleep; an ancient evil that lives in the local Walmart; and oh, so much more.

Anomaly Flats is the story of a woman on the run who makes a wrong turn into the wrong town. It's still a work-in-progress, but until it's ready, I thought you might be wondering if Anomaly Flats was the type of place you'd want to get lost in. So I've put together some travel posters to help you decide.


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