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"...absolutely hilarious...this book is a hell of a lot of fun!" - Boing Boing

Welcome to a whole new kind of apocalypse...a dark, hilarious, and heart-wrenching tale of machetes, adventure, friendship, and pudding. "The best post-apocalyptic story ever written. Period."

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Na Akua

"A magical and well-crafted story." - Kindle reviewer

Na Akua is an extraordinary adventure full of gods, monsters, romance, and magic that fans are calling "a modern mythological masterpiece."



Anomaly Flats

"...imaginative, unique, and ridiculously entertaining." - Kindle Reviewer

Sci-fi gets wickedly fun in Anomaly Flats, the deliciously dark comedy that's "a new dimension in fun!"

It Came from Anomaly Flats

"A true resurrection of classic American horror writing." - Kindle Reviewer

A collection of chilling tales from the town of Anomaly Flats that are "equal parts H. P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe."

Pants on Fire: A Collection of Lies

"...a smart, whimsical collection of quick tales that put the author's wit and talent front and center." - Kindle Reviewer

A short story collection full of quirky humor and thrilling horror.