Welcome to Anomaly Flats


while you're here, check out the official Anomaly Flats Department of Tourism travel posters!


Welcome to Anomaly Flats, a mysterious Midwestern town that's tucked in somewhere between our world and some other. Or others. Others, probably. Yes, almost certainly many other worlds.

Here, you'll find a creek the flows with glowing green plasma; thunderstorms that rain bits of metal; a bed and breakfast with tentacles in the plumbing; an all-night diner where you have to drink the coffee before the coffee drinks you; a night sky that's an all-consuming void; fields of corn that hum you to eternal sleep; an ancient evil that lives in the local Walmart; and oh, so much more.

Anomaly Flats is the story of a woman on the run who makes a wrong turn into the wrong town. It's still a work-in-progress, but until it's ready, I thought you might be wondering if Anomaly Flats was the type of place you'd want to get lost in. So I've put together some travel posters to help you decide.


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